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Our purpose is to help people resolve legal disputes efficiently and creatively, without litigation or going to court. Our goal is to satisfy our clients’ needs for speed, lower cost, efficiency and risk avoidance. We use the dispute resolution process that best fits the clients’ circumstances and needs, uniquely designed to achieve the best possible result.

aegMichael Zeytoonian as a guest on the Entrepreneurs’ Guild radio show explains Collaborative Law practices and procedures.

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Advantages of the right dispute resolution process

  • Significantly less expensive than litigation;
  • Efficient use of time and money gives value to client;
  • Preserve key business and personal relationships;
  • Prevents draining of resources and emotions;
  • Private and confidential;
  • Creative options tailored to the needs and interests of both parties;
  • Flexibility in planning and scheduling negotiation meetings;
  • Non-adversarial by nature; Designed with the goal of “win-win”

In the video below, Attorney Michael Zeytoonian, founder of Dispute Resolution Counsel, describes a case where collaborative law was used and the benefits to the parties.


Choosing the wrong process can result in tens of thousands of dollars in costs and fees, years of unpleasant draining of resources and emotions and an inefficient use of your time, energies and resources. It can be harmful to businesses, families and organizations and damaging to important relationships.

In short, the right choice of dispute resolution process maximizes value for clients; the wrong choice minimizes value and maximizes the potential harm.

If your goal is to reach a good resolution quickly and minimize costs, collateral damage and risks, Dispute Resolution Counsel is the smart choice. We give our clients wise counsel, proactive guidance and efficient dispute resolution.

To learn more about how our processes best serve your needs and the value of using them, please contact us for a consultation.


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