Re-imagining Collaborative Law, as well as dispute resolution itself

Michael Zeytoonian Collaborative Law

I first heard about Collaborative Law (CL) in 2002 as it began to spread around Massachusetts. It was an inspiring, rational approach to resolving disputes and it was good getting to know and learn from local people involved in teaching, promoting and using CL. It was also great to get to know like-minded lawyers nationally and beyond through joining the …

Green Book Deeper Diversity

Green Book’s insights into a deeper diversity

Michael Zeytoonian Perspectives, Workplace Disputes

Abraham Lincoln had a simple approach to achieving diversity: “I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better.” Recently, my wife and I saw the movie Green Book, which has since won an Oscar for best movie of the year. The movie presents the true story of an episode in the life of Dr. Don Shirley, a …

what is your gin

Before you dive into your dispute, what are your GINs and what’s the best way to satisfy them?

Michael Zeytoonian Collaborative Processes, Dispute Resolution Resources

Recently I noticed an online request on a network’s posting system seeking lawyers with experience working on disputes within community non-profit or religious organizations. The situation described involved potentially inappropriate behavior by a member of the organization that may have adversely impacted another member. Besides these two people, the entire organization is also a stakeholder, as the incident raised the …

emotional due process

Satisfying our clients’ emotional due process needs

Michael Zeytoonian Collaborative Processes, Dispute Resolution Resources

Emotional due process. What is that, exactly? This notion – emotional due process – jumped out at me when I recently came across it in a report about the September 2018 Global Collaborative Law Council’s (GCLC) annual conference. GCLC President Melanie Atha, a lawyer from Birmingham, Alabama, noted that Collaborative Law can satisfy the need clients in a dispute have …

collaborative process

Why wouldn’t you work together to solve your legal problem?

Michael Zeytoonian Collaborative Processes

Collaborate. Collaboration. Collaborative. In the business world, in medicine, high technology, healthcare, engineering, education, aeronautics, manufacturing, public service, first responders, military defense, invention – in just about every field of endeavor, we see this word popping up over and over again. Pick up a copy of Fast Company magazine and browse it and you will see that word in some …

Fr. Daja Davidian

How a priest helped shape a lawyer and mediator. Remembering the pastor of my youth.

Michael Zeytoonian Perspectives

When people think about what goes into the training of a lawyer and a mediator, the contribution of one’s pastor is probably not on the list of ingredients. There’s law school, there’s training and direction from veteran lawyers, reading laws, cases, court decisions and continuing legal education, all shaping the legal mind. But the people our lives cross paths with …

workplace dispute mediation

Thinking about using mediation to resolve your employment dispute without going through litigation first?

Michael Zeytoonian Employment Law, Mediation

Recently I got a call from a small business employer. He knew I was an employment lawyer and that I represent small, closely-held or family businesses and that I was also a mediator handling all kinds of business, workplace or community disputes. He had received a letter from a lawyer representing one of his employees alleging sexual harassment in the …

The Time for Dispute Resolution Alternatives (DRA) has come

Michael Zeytoonian Collaborative Processes

There was a time, not long ago, when those who found themselves in a dispute had two basic choices:  They could either file a lawsuit/initiate some formal complaint process or they could just walk away from the conflict and try to move on. This essentially amounted to what professionals refer to as the typical default responses of most people – …