Dispute Resolution Alternatives

Why I believe in Dispute Resolution Alternatives

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I believe in the value of Dispute Resolution Alternatives (DRA) for clients that are in disputes. I believe in them because I have used them, seen them work well, and because they make so much sense. I believe in them because they are not adversarial by nature. They do not divide, separate and drive people apart; instead they work to …

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What happens when you don’t do what the situation calls for…? (whether resolving disputes or coaching the Patriots in the Super Bowl)

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Every year, the Super Bowl provides us with great lessons and a great game. This year was no exception as the Patriots and Eagles played in an exciting shootout that literally came down to the last play. But the game’s outcome may have been decided by something other than who had the last chance to score. It’s easy to be …

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Is an adversarial process our best and highest good? The case for early mediation

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Disputes are a part of life.  On all levels, in most relationships, we disagree about things. Disputes come up between spouses, siblings, parents & children, business partners, political parties/views, employers & employees, economic classes, races, genders, age groups, ethnic groups, religious denominations, and on and on.  Unless we are mindless clones or in a controlled society, conflict is normal and …

Family Business Succession

Family Business Succession: The Joys and Challenges

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Family business succession can be joyous when there is a succession plan. But when there’s no plan in place, it can be anything but joyous. It is a familiar scenario for a family.  Husband and wife build a family business, take pride in its growth and achievements while it provides for the family and then some. The goal is to …

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Now More Than Ever – The Growing Need For Dispute Resolution

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Last week (October 16-20), lawyers and dispute resolution professionals around the country celebrated Conflict Resolution Week. In Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Bar Association, through its Dispute Resolution Section, presented five different events, one each day, each in a different part of the state and each with a different focus. Over 400 people attended these state-wide events, including judges, lawyers, mediators, arbitrators, …

Massachusetts Bar Association’s Conflict Resolution Week & Day Celebration October 16-20

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An annual national tradition in the legal community is the celebration of “Conflict Resolution Week” (CRW) and “Conflict Resolution Day” (CRD) on the third week and the third Thursday of October respectively.  This tradition reportedly started here in New England by the New England Association for Conflict Resolution (NE-ACR).  It is a week and a day to shine a spotlight …

What is your goal? Winning or fixing?

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What do you want? It’s a pretty simple question, really.  It reminds me of what Noah (Ryan Gosling) repeatedly asked Allie (Rachel McAdams), his love interest in The Notebook.  She kept hemming and hawing as to how difficult her situation was, having to choose between two good men, and that there was no easy answer.  But he stayed laser focused …

If You Want Your “Day in Court”, Don’t Go to Court

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“I want my day in court.” This is one of the most frequent desires and sentiments expressed by a new client in our initial conversation about their legal dispute.   Here are some other common emotional responses when someone finds themselves in a dispute: “I want justice to be done.”  “The other side has to pay for what he/she/it did to …