Business Law

Our areas of focus include the following concerns:

  • Contract issues with subcontractors, independent contractors and sources
  • Licensing, master service and other business relationship agreements
  • Employment, partnership, buy-sell and severance agreements
  • Restrictive covenants (non-competition, non-solicitation, confidentiality and proprietary information agreements and clauses)
  • Business reorganizations, break-ups, dissolutions
  • Commercial transactions
  • Workplace and employment related matters
  • Business entity formation
  • Closely-held and family business disputes
  • Drafting and review of employment manuals, policies and procedures
  • Homeowner-contractor disputes

We help with business law issues or disputes in two vital ways:

1. By serving as your Primary Care Lawyer

Whether disputes between business interests and contracting parties have to always be a part of doing business is largely up to you, and the early choices you make. Most of the time, assisted and guided by your Primary Care Lawyer, you can safely navigate the minefield of business and employment law, and prevent lawsuits and legal claims. At the same time, we help you to create a better, healthier and less stressful workplace environment and keep all your important business and employment relationships healthy.

2. Using the right Dispute Resolution process for your situation

You have choices in how to best deal with disputes that arise. We want you to utilize ways to resolve your specific dispute that are best suited to your unique situation and circumstances. In all these approaches, you maintain control over the process and you ultimately decide which options will best resolve the matter and meet your interests and goals. This is why Dispute Resolution Counsel offers processes like mediation, collaborative law, case evaluation and other approaches that are more time and cost efficient options than the adversarial, cumbersome court procedures or binding arbitration over which the parties have little control.

Should situations become disputes, we believe you are best served by approaches that are intentionally designed to resolve the dispute, while always being responsive to what matters most to our clients in business disputes: Cost efficiency, speed, preservation of important relationships, minimal loss of productivity or disruption in the workplace and no reputational damage. Lawyers trained and experienced as “Settlement Counsel” or “Collaborative Counsel” are better equipped than most litigators to represent you in these kinds of processes.