Family Business Succession

Family Business Succession: The Joys and Challenges

Michael Zeytoonian Business, Preventive Law

Family business succession can be joyous when there is a succession plan. But when there’s no plan in place, it can be anything but joyous. It is a familiar scenario for a family.  Husband and wife build a family business, take pride in its growth and achievements while it provides for the family and then some. The goal is to …

A word about “Good Counsel”

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The first thing I noticed when I walked onto the campus of my law school was a beautiful stone chapel and the sign in front of it with its name: Our Lady of Good Counsel. It turned out that the law school shared the grounds with Our Lady of Good Counsel School. The chapel greeted people as they came up …

Beyond Arbitration and Mediation: Designing the Dispute Resolution Process to Fit the Situation

Michael Zeytoonian Business, Collaborative Law, Primary Dispute Resolution (PDR)

Posted: October 25, 2016 in the Boston Bar Journal. We live in a specialized world, one in which access to information is so overwhelming that there literally is “an app for that” to satisfy even the most specific and narrow of needs. Yet, until recently, the legal profession’s response to the increasingly tailored needs of our clients has been to …

need primary care lawyer

Why do I need a primary care lawyer?

Michael Zeytoonian Business, Primary Care Law

Here is how to resolve a legal dispute.  Approach it the way you make your medical decisions.  Start with consulting your “primary care lawyer”, just as you would first see your primary care physician. Your primary care lawyer will give you good advice about what options you have for resolving your dispute.  Your primary care lawyer is probably not a …

The importance of process, with help from Decisive, by Dan Heath and Chip Heath

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I’ve been reading the latest book by Dan Heath and Chip Heath, Decisive. (They have written two other great books: Made to Stick and Switch.) Many great insights are offered in this book that pertain to decision making and also applicable to how we resolve disputes. I’ll focus on the importance of choosing a good process. Excerpts from Decisive are …

Courts are limited when it comes to problem solving

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Recently I represented a party in a dispute over some business equipment.  This case would have been better resolved by the parties either directly communicating with each other or communicating and negotiating with each other through their lawyers.  But before that could be done, one party opted to file a complaint in federal court and as a result, we were …