Ask your lawyer for “PDR” and help make the “Alternative” the “Primary”

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We use different approaches like mediation, collaborative law, conciliation, case evaluation and our own Integrated Dispute Resolution (“IDR”) to help people solve their problem and we tailor that approach to the specific situation and circumstances of the people in that particular dispute.

We are looking for one good town (legally speaking)

Michael Zeytoonian Collaborative Law, Collaborative Processes, Dispute Resolution Resources, Financial Considerations of Dispute Resolution, Preventive Law

Now, take that same concept – a commitment of an entire town to practicing health wellness – but apply it to legal wellness. For one year, what if town officials agreed that if there were any kind of municipal disputes, neither side would sue or go to court.

Time for a proactive dialogue on the health of the workplace

Michael Zeytoonian Collaborative Processes, Dispute Resolution Resources

Representing both sides has helped me counsel clients better as I understand the perspectives of both sides, along with the views of the other “stakeholders” in workplace issues – families, communities, subcontractors, lawmakers and the consumers of the business products and services involved in the dispute.

Baseball arbitration belongs here – let the games begin, and the disputes end!

Michael Zeytoonian Case Evaluation, Collaborative Law, Collaborative Processes, Financial Considerations of Dispute Resolution, Mediation

We believe the parties in the dispute should ultimately decide how it gets resolved. They should select the right process, with our guidance and recommendations, and should make the final decisions about what the resolution will look like. Dispute resolution needs to be efficient in time and cost, needs to preserve important relationships and not drain the resources and emotions of the parties. The process should and can be agile and creative enough to come up with solutions that really fit the needs and meet the interests of the parties.