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Thinking about using mediation to resolve your employment dispute without going through litigation first?

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Recently I got a call from a small business employer. He knew I was an employment lawyer and that I represent small, closely-held or family businesses and that I was also a mediator handling all kinds of business, workplace or community disputes. He had received a letter from a lawyer representing one of his employees alleging sexual harassment in the …

What does “getting my day in court” mean, really?

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What typically happens to a person who is in a dispute and wants to “get his/her day in court”? Much of my practice is either representing employers or employees in employment disputes or mediating employment disputes. The first call from an upset employee usually goes something like this: “I have been terminated/demoted/not promoted/discriminated against/harassed by my employer. This was wrong/unlawful/unfair/unwarranted/harassment. …