Green Book Deeper Diversity

Green Book’s insights into a deeper diversity

Michael Zeytoonian Perspectives, Workplace Disputes

Abraham Lincoln had a simple approach to achieving diversity: “I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better.” Recently, my wife and I saw the movie Green Book, which has since won an Oscar for best movie of the year. The movie presents the true story of an episode in the life of Dr. Don Shirley, a …

Fr. Daja Davidian

How a priest helped shape a lawyer and mediator. Remembering the pastor of my youth.

Michael Zeytoonian Perspectives

When people think about what goes into the training of a lawyer and a mediator, the contribution of one’s pastor is probably not on the list of ingredients. There’s law school, there’s training and direction from veteran lawyers, reading laws, cases, court decisions and continuing legal education, all shaping the legal mind. But the people our lives cross paths with …

situational dispute resolution

What happens when you don’t do what the situation calls for…? (whether resolving disputes or coaching the Patriots in the Super Bowl)

Michael Zeytoonian Perspectives

Every year, the Super Bowl provides us with great lessons and a great game. This year was no exception as the Patriots and Eagles played in an exciting shootout that literally came down to the last play. But the game’s outcome may have been decided by something other than who had the last chance to score. It’s easy to be …

If You Want Your “Day in Court”, Don’t Go to Court

Michael Zeytoonian Dispute Resolution Resources, Perspectives

“I want my day in court.” This is one of the most frequent desires and sentiments expressed by a new client in our initial conversation about their legal dispute.   Here are some other common emotional responses when someone finds themselves in a dispute: “I want justice to be done.”  “The other side has to pay for what he/she/it did to …

Replacing the Affordable Care Act; How to NOT Resolve Disputes

Michael Zeytoonian Dispute Resolution Resources, Perspectives, Primary Dispute Resolution (PDR)

President Trump and his team gave us a quick course on how not to resolve a dispute in their efforts to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA, a.k.a. Obamacare).  Their effort and its shortcomings help to show the importance of four key ingredients to approaching dispute resolution to get a good result. Most Americans agree that the ACA has shortcomings …

Navajo Dispute Resolution, Trump’s Tweets and the Lessons of Little Big Horn

Michael Zeytoonian Dispute Resolution Resources, Perspectives

I recently read a Daily Good story about Navajo Indian peacemaking, a seven-step process focused on restoring relationships, a notion the Navajo refer to as “K’e”.  This approach has four foundational values, the four Rs: Respect, Relationships, Responsibility, and Reverence.  Some of the tenets of this approach to resolving disputes include the shared goal of reaching the best possible outcome …

A word about “Good Counsel”

Michael Zeytoonian Business, Perspectives

The first thing I noticed when I walked onto the campus of my law school was a beautiful stone chapel and the sign in front of it with its name: Our Lady of Good Counsel. It turned out that the law school shared the grounds with Our Lady of Good Counsel School. The chapel greeted people as they came up …

What if we extend these “Season’s Greetings” into how we resolve disputes?

Michael Zeytoonian Perspectives

Joy to the World.  Good tidings and light.  Shalom. The wonder and awe of a special birth of a child.  Peace on earth; good will toward men.  Heavenly peace.  Holy night.  Gloria, in excelsis Deo.  Star of Wonder; star of Light. A new year, a new beginning.  A throne of justice and righteousness.  Good cheer.  Rejoice.  Allah be praised.  Wisdom …