Family Business Succession

Family Business Succession: The Joys and Challenges

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Family business succession can be joyous when there is a succession plan. But when there’s no plan in place, it can be anything but joyous. It is a familiar scenario for a family.  Husband and wife build a family business, take pride in its growth and achievements while it provides for the family and then some. The goal is to …

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The “we don’t need to do that now” reason you need a Primary Care Lawyer.

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We’ve been offering some stories about people, small businesses, and organizations who made some business and legal decisions before they had retained their PCL (primary care lawyer) to be part of their team of trusted advisors. Here are two common ones that I have heard several times: A young woman starting up a small business wants to formalize the business …


Do you have your primary care lawyer?

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Most people have a primary care physician.  But people and small businesses don’t often have a primary care lawyer.  This primary care lawyer that your closely held or family business or non-profit organization doesn’t have is probably the most important lawyer you need. I often analogize between how we approach legal disputes and how we make medical decisions.  A vital …

Legal disputes are parts of something greater

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What if we began to see disputes as a small part of something bigger? If we viewed them as a point along a spectrum with a greater continuum? If we placed the dispute within the context of one or more larger relationships? When we do this, we free ourselves to treat the dispute differently. This adjustment of our focus goes …

We are looking for one good town (legally speaking)

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Now, take that same concept – a commitment of an entire town to practicing health wellness – but apply it to legal wellness. For one year, what if town officials agreed that if there were any kind of municipal disputes, neither side would sue or go to court.

Why be proactive in our treatment of employees?

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Workplace bullying and harassment are emerging issues to be addressed by employers. Add the potentially larger problem of increased stress, decreased morale and diminished productivity of those employees who remain after layoffs, who are expected to carry the same load with less people, less experiential knowledge and less resources

Who’s going to pay for my primary care lawyer?

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There are many advantages to having trusted legal counsel on board, someone who knows your business and family circumstances well, knows your priorities and goals, your disposition and who can give you good preventive and proactive advice, before you decide which legal path to travel.