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Why do I need a primary care lawyer?

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Here is how to resolve a legal dispute.  Approach it the way you make your medical decisions.  Start with consulting your “primary care lawyer”, just as you would first see your primary care physician. Your primary care lawyer will give you good advice about what options you have for resolving your dispute.  Your primary care lawyer is probably not a …


Let’s cross-examine the case before we decide to file that lawsuit

Michael Zeytoonian Primary Care Law, Primary Dispute Resolution (PDR)

I think it’s a good idea for people who find themselves in a dispute to do some cross-examining before they file a lawsuit.  Sounds odd, right?  After all, based on what we know about litigation and how the legal process works from what we see on TV and in the movies, cross-examination is the high point of the lawsuit; it’s …

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The “we don’t need to do that now” reason you need a Primary Care Lawyer.

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We’ve been offering some stories about people, small businesses, and organizations who made some business and legal decisions before they had retained their PCL (primary care lawyer) to be part of their team of trusted advisors. Here are two common ones that I have heard several times: A young woman starting up a small business wants to formalize the business …