The importance of process, with help from Decisive, by Dan Heath and Chip Heath

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I’ve been reading the latest book by Dan Heath and Chip Heath, Decisive. (They have written two other great books: Made to Stick and Switch.) Many great insights are offered in this book that pertain to decision making and also applicable to how we resolve disputes. I’ll focus on the importance of choosing a good process. Excerpts from Decisive are …

Situational law: lessons from Super Bowl XVIX

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What do you want your lawyer to be? Hired gun? Technician? Negotiator? Legal Counselor? What determines which lawyer you should hire? Often a person hires a lawyer before thinking about exactly what he needs the lawyer to do. You want the lawyer to “represent” you. But what does that mean? In different situations, lawyer are called on to do different …

Mediation breaks into TV and shows its advantages over litigation

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Fairly Legal’s premise is the use of mediation to resolve disputes rather than going to court and fighting through a litigation process. The lead character, Kate Reed, is a lawyer who walked away from the litigation side of the profession to become a mediator.

Transformation through the movies and the door of humility

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There was a powerful contrast this year between a great one, The King’s Speech, that offered up an unlikely lesson in humility and an annoying one, The Social Network, which reminded us of what character flaws like arrogance, inflated egos, absence of loyalty and misplaced senses of entitlement look like. (Is there any sense of entitlement that is not misplaced?)