What Our Conflict Assessment Does for You

OUR GOAL is to help parties in a dispute choose the dispute resolution process that is designed to meet your specific needs and to give you the best possible outcome.

  • Ensure the Right Process

    Doing a Dispute Assessment is the best way to ensure that you will choose the right dispute resolution (DR) process for your situation. Every client’s dispute, circumstances and needs are different and DR is not “one size fits all”.

  • Provide a Full, Thorough Assessment

    We conduct a detailed, complete Assessment of your specific circumstances, needs, goals, timetable, scheduling factors, resources and preferences so that the DR process you choose satisfies your needs and is responsive to your situation. We recommend that both parties to the dispute come and meet with us for this Conflict Assessment and Recommendation. However, if that is not possible, we will meet with one party or the other, or meet with them separately.

  • Educate You on Your Options

    We educate you about all the DR process options available to you and how they work so that you can make an informed choice. Then we give you a specific recommendation, explain how that process would work, why it is the best approach for your situation and how it gives you the best path to your best possible resolution.

  • Save You Time, Costs and Resources

    This Conflict Assessment and Recommendation costs $600.00. It will save you from unnecessarily spending thousands of dollars, years of your time and from draining your resources, energies and emotions on a process that wasn’t the right choice for your dispute and your circumstances.

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