Educational Programming Presentations

These educational presentations on pertinent business or dispute resolution topics are available for your organization, company or group. Their format and length can be tailored from 15-20 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on your need and time frame.

The Spectrum of Dispute Resolution:
Know Your Options Before You Go Down the Wrong Road

Most people who get into a dispute hire an attorney and get going with litigation before they have even (1) thought about what their end goals are, (2) get educated on what their options are and (3) think about what kind of lawyer they really need.  Would you schedule back surgery before checking to see if a few sessions of physical therapy will give you what you need?  In this presentation, Michael shows you why it is vital to get educated on your options so you can make an informed decision and why skipping this step can be devastating in many ways.

Participants will gain insights on:

  • What the various dispute resolution processes are;
  • How each option works and when to use it;
  • How the right choice will save you time, money, relationships and resources

The Seven Deadly Contract Clauses

At some point, someone – a landlord, a business partner, an employer, a spouse, contractor, an online program or maybe your own lawyer – will give you a document and ask you to sign it.  But often, in these contracts, there is a ticking time bomb.  In this presentation, Michael will walk you through the legal minefield of contracts, explaining what their language really means and how damaging it can be when you aren’t careful.

In this workshop, you will learn about:

  • The problems with pro forma, boilerplate contracts that you can get online;
  • The added and unnecessary legal exposure you unknowingly agree to in a contract;
  • How good contract drafting can ensure you are master of your destiny;
  • How to prevent giving rights to others that you don’t want to do.

The Workplace Minefield of Legal Misinformation

Today’s workplace is a minefield of new dangers from continuing changes in the law as well as a simple misunderstanding of the application of a law or regulation.  Failing to comply with even seemingly insignificant rules and regulations, even when done unknowingly and unintentionally, can have devastating consequences for a small or family business or non-profit organization.  This presentation will discuss some legal minefields that form the basis for work-related claims, correct myths and misinformation about non-competes and non-disclosure agreements, and offer proactive, preventive advice on workplace discrimination and wage and hour law issues.

This presentation will focus on:

  • Restrictive Covenants (non-competes, etc.): The Myths and the Realities
  • The Minefields: Discrimination and Wage and Hour Claims
  • When you can still be liable, even when you didn’t discriminate

Business Formation: Getting it Right From the Beginning

You’ve got a business idea and maybe have done a business plan with your close friend or business partner.  But being short on funds, you put off some important foundation components of your business formation until a later time.  Better to address these needs before they become problems you wish you had addressed earlier.  Michael discusses the reasons why these steps shouldn’t be put off, what can happen when you delay and the validity of the adage:  The worst time to hire a lawyer is when you need one.

In this presentation, you will learn the importance of:

  • Choosing the right business entity for your business;
  • The importance of operating agreements and other initial agreements;
  • Effective and compliant policies, procedures and employee handbooks

The Great Divide: Adversarial vs. Non-adversarial Dispute Resolution

The most fundamental decision you will make in how you go about resolving a legal dispute is one that most people – and lawyers- overlook.  Are you better served by an adversarial process or a non-adversarial one?  In this session, Michael sets out the basic and distinctly different scenarios for the two courses of action, the elements and the pros and cons of each option, and why it is so important to choose the right path.

In this workshop, you will recognize:

  • The characteristics of adversarial approaches (like litigation or arbitration);
  • Guidelines for determining which path is best for you and why;
  • A close look at the starkly different results of each approach