Proactive & Preventive Workplace Counsel

Our focus is to assist you in your proactive and preventive measures taken, working with employers, businesses and organizations to put measures into place to prevent disputes from arising and keep the workplace and all its relationships strong and healthy. Our work as your Primary Care Lawyer (PCL) includes the following proactive services:

  • Employment audits of employment manuals, hiring practices, policies and procedures
  • Preventive training in discrimination, harassment, internal investigations
  • Ongoing proactive counsel and advisories
  • Ombuds services for workplaces or organizations
  • Drafting and review of employment-related contracts and agreements

Our Focus in Employment Disputes Includes:

  • Discrimination
  • Workplace harassment
  • Sexual harassment
  • Recruiting, interview, hiring and disciplinary issues
  • Employment handbooks, policies and procedures
  • Wage and hour issues
  • Non-competition, non-solicitation and confidentiality agreements
  • Disability and religious accommodation issues
  • Family, medical, parental, military and other leaves
  • Wrongful termination or other adverse actions
  • Non-competition, non-solicitation and confidentiality agreements
  • Employment & severance agreements
  • Employment and business contracts

Our Approach is Responsive to Your Specific Situation

Our approach at Dispute Resolution Counsel, LLC is intentionally designed to resolve your specific dispute, and responsive to what matters most to parties in employment disputes:

  • Cost and time efficiency;
  • Preserving important relationships;
  • Minimizing the loss of productivity and disruption in the workplace;
  • Prevent the draining of your energy, emotions and resources;
  • Maintain confidentiality and privacy;
  • Keep the control over the process used as well as the determinations of how the dispute will be best resolved in your hands.

We Help You Accomplish Your Goals Three Ways:

  1. By working with you proactively to anticipate, address and defuse problems before they become bigger problems;
  2. By counseling employers and employees alike on ways to keep the workplace productive and to take care of and foster healthy relationships between employers and employees so that your key relationships thrive and become stronger;
  3. By helping you find and utilize the best approach for resolving any dispute you may have, whether you are the employer or the employee, and using a dispute resolution process that gives all parties the best chance of satisfying your respective interests and needs.

Workplace disputes happen.  We help our clients – both employers and employees – to minimize the distractions and damage from these disputes.  Our goal as legal counselors to employers is to help you productively work through the legal and social challenges of the workplace so that the company or organization runs the best it can.  As counsel to individual employees, we work to help you solve the problem quickly and efficiently so you can continue to do your best work and advance your career with your employer.

We do our best work when we can help employer and employees do your best and take away any obstacles that prevent you from doing your best work.  Because we represent both employers and employees, we can see the workplace from both perspectives, understand both points of view and are uniquely prepared to turn legal challenges into good solutions that provide opportunities for growth for everyone in the workplace.