Why we approach disputes differently

We believe people are created with the natural ability and desire to resolve disputes on our own, with good guidance, and make our own decisions on how we resolve disputes.

We believe people are inherently good and want to make and maintain healthy connections and relationships with each other, and through these relationships can work through our disputes.

We believe that the natural spirit and inclination of people is to connect and collaborate with each other – even through a conflict – and is stronger, more creative and more productive than the adversarial forces pulling us toward separation and division.

We believe that people in disputes can work together respectfully and collaborate with each other – as we do with other life and professional challenges – engage in our conflict without being adversarial, and with assistance from dispute resolution specialists, achieve our best results.

Our mission at Dispute Resolution Counsel, LLC is to help people in disputes who want to resolve their disputes this way, all of us working with our highest good, by providing good legal counsel or neutral facilitation to guide our clients to their best possible results.

To help you learn more about our approach we have created a free e-book, “How to Reach the Best Outcome in Your Legal Dispute”.

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Why Our Primary Care Lawyer Program

Having us as your Primary Care Lawyer provides you with peace of mind on many levels. It allows us to be proactive with you to make sure your policies, procedures and business documents are in compliance with the ever-changing laws and helps you prevent any legal claims or lawsuits against you from arising.

Being your Primary Care Lawyer also gives us a logical, well-directed path for helping you achieve your business interests and goals. We treat our relationship with you as a mutually rewarding business relationship in which we celebrate your growth and achievement, rather than just seeing you as one of our clients. The better you do in your business or with your organization, the healthier it is. The more you grow, the better it is for us.

Many other law firms provide legal services in a manner that serves the firm’s goals, not the client’s needs. Our approach is to align our goal of satisfying your legal needs with your interests. We do this by focusing our efforts on knowing your business and your needs in order to be proactive and preventive. This allows you to focus your time, energies and resources on your business.

We price our services based on the value of what we do for you. We place a premium on being efficient and well-focused, not on how many hours we can bill by engaging in legal procedures that don’t serve your needs.