Primary Care Lawyer Packages

Our business and employment clients have advised us that they typically have these objectives when working with us:

  1. You want to spend your time, energies, resources and efforts on your business, free from the concerns and distractions of compliance issues or legal exposure.
  2. You want to avoid lawsuits or legal claims against you. You want to prevent legal disputes from arising, so you are not sued or faced with workplace or business-related complaints.
  3. If you find yourself in a dispute, you want to resolve it as quickly, efficiently and favorably as possible.

As your Primary Care Lawyer, our mission is to work with you proactively to prevent legal claims and ensure compliance with the laws so you can put your energies and time into building your business.

How do we do this?

  • By knowing your business and goals, we can give you the best legal counsel possible. We review your agreements, letters and contracts to ensure they are clearly written, serve the purposes they are designed to serve, are thorough and lawful in their content and address any and all problems.

  • By regularly auditing your policies, procedures, and all employment related documents, handbooks and other business or employment-related documents and practices to make sure they are in compliance with the ever-changing applicable laws and regulations.

  • By pricing by the project or service, not the minute (see our packages below). This allows you to manage your legal costs and not worry about the clock running, knowing we are there for you when you need us, and that you are paying for value, not time.

Talk with us about our Primary Care Lawyer (PCL) Packages and pricing that is right for you.  Please note that while we offer the three packages below, we can also tailor a package to your specific workplace needs.

The Start-up/New Company Package

You are a new business or a start-up (starting new business to two years), so you’ll need good counsel that some or all of these concerns and needs are being addressed effectively:

This includes business entity assessment, formation, filing and fees, drafting or revising of articles of organization, operating agreement, by-laws or any other formation documents you need; setting up all basic policies and procedures necessary for your company’s needs and for legal compliance; drafting, reviewing and revising your agreements and contracts; estimated 10 hours of “hot line” time for legal questions that come up.

Special offer – we will include the employee handbook. 

(This does NOT include any fees for a specific defense or advising on a legal claim or lawsuit that is filed by or against the company.)

Annual package:  $6,000 billed monthly at $500 a month.

The Emerging Company Package

You are on your way and business is now growing (two to four years), so it’s time you make sure that as you grow, you stay in compliance with the law.

This includes an annual employment or workplace audit of all policies, procedures, company practices, physical walkthrough of workplace; draft or revise employee handbook; draft or revise basic employment-based contracts, agreements and letters; develop non-compete/non-solicitation or nondisclosure agreements as needed; estimated 10 hours of “hot line” time.  (This does NOT include any fees for a specific defense or advising on a legal claim or lawsuit that is filed by or against the company.)

Annual package:   $4,500, billed at $375 a month. 

The Established Business Package

You’ve made it through the first four years and have sustained growth.  To ensure there are no minefields that undermine your continuing success, you need to focus on the areas noted below.

This includes everything that is in the Emerging Company Package above; a stronger focus on compliance issues such as employee classification, disability accommodations, state law changes and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) changes; counsel on interviewing, hiring, evaluating and terminating employees.

Annual package:  $3,000 to $4,800:  If your company has been with DRC through the earlier packages, this fee would be $3,000 or $250 a month because we already have been doing a lot of this work with you, we have conducted annual employment audits before and we would factor in a “loyalty incentive”.  If your company is new with us, we need to do an employment audit and contract reviews.  These may also discover a need for more remedial and revision work needed, which would warrant the higher $4,800 annual fee or $400 a month.

Recommended optional additional program for Established Businesses: To help prevent discrimination in the workplace, we recommend a Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Prevention training workshop for all employees.  $2,000 for one time workshop (up to 25 employees); $500 for each additional workshop session (one for each additional group of up to 25 employees).