So what does identity theft have to do with dispute resolution?

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So what about identity theft? Why are we writing about it in a blog about alternative ways of resolving disputes? ..When it comes to resolving disputes, most people are also the victims of this same kind of identity theft. The choice of what to do about the dispute we are in is often being made by the mind of our litigious culture.

Transformation through the movies and the door of humility

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There was a powerful contrast this year between a great one, The King’s Speech, that offered up an unlikely lesson in humility and an annoying one, The Social Network, which reminded us of what character flaws like arrogance, inflated egos, absence of loyalty and misplaced senses of entitlement look like. (Is there any sense of entitlement that is not misplaced?)

Time for a proactive dialogue on the health of the workplace

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Representing both sides has helped me counsel clients better as I understand the perspectives of both sides, along with the views of the other “stakeholders” in workplace issues – families, communities, subcontractors, lawmakers and the consumers of the business products and services involved in the dispute.