Tom Brady Deflategate

Tom Brady: “We have all lost”

Michael Zeytoonian Perspectives

Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady’s sentiments about the ordeal of “Deflategate”, a story and a litigation that needlessly lingered around for seven months, reflects Abraham Lincoln’s sentiments over 150 years ago.  Brady’s statement, reported recently in TIME magazine, came after he won his appeal of the NFL’s decision to suspend him for four games for his alleged “general knowledge” about the …

Some food for thought over Labor Day weekend

Michael Zeytoonian Family Law and Divorce, Financial Considerations of Dispute Resolution, Mediation

Can you respond rationally to your dispute instead of emotionally? Fact: Over 95% of the cases filed in courts end up settling and never go to trial. If you know there is an overwhelming likelihood that your case will settle through negotiations or mediation – doesn’t it make sense to use a process designed to reach a settlement in a …