What is your goal? Winning or fixing?

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What do you want? It’s a pretty simple question, really.  It reminds me of what Noah (Ryan Gosling) repeatedly asked Allie (Rachel McAdams), his love interest in The Notebook.  She kept hemming and hawing as to how difficult her situation was, having to choose between two good men, and that there was no easy answer.  But he stayed laser focused …

If You Want Your “Day in Court”, Don’t Go to Court

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“I want my day in court.” This is one of the most frequent desires and sentiments expressed by a new client in our initial conversation about their legal dispute.   Here are some other common emotional responses when someone finds themselves in a dispute: “I want justice to be done.”  “The other side has to pay for what he/she/it did to …

Dispute Resolution for Business and Transactional Lawyers Focus of BLN June Program

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Urging business and transactional lawyers to take some dispute resolution (DR) training and add some DR expertise to their toolbox of legal skills, Michael Zeytoonian and Jeffrey Fink presented a talk on DR to the Business Lawyers Network (BLN) at its monthly meeting on June 14.  The meeting was hosted by Howard Zaharoff and Scott Connolly of Morse Barnes-Brown Pendleton …

MBA Symposium at UMASS Boston Looks at the Future of Dispute Resolution

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The trend – now and in the future – in how people, lawyers, mediators and arbitrators are approaching dispute resolution was the focus of a panel at UMASS Boston on May 19, 2017.  The panel was part of an all-day Dispute Resolution Symposium presented by the Massachusetts Bar Association (MBA) Dispute Resolution Section and sponsored and hosted by the UMASS …

What does “getting my day in court” mean, really?

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What typically happens to a person who is in a dispute and wants to “get his/her day in court”? Much of my practice is either representing employers or employees in employment disputes or mediating employment disputes. The first call from an upset employee usually goes something like this: “I have been terminated/demoted/not promoted/discriminated against/harassed by my employer. This was wrong/unlawful/unfair/unwarranted/harassment. …

What if you don’t want to litigate, but also want to guarantee closure?

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You have heard about alternative dispute resolutions methods like mediation or collaborative law (CL), both of which offer you many of the advantages that litigation cannot offer you.

Why be proactive in our treatment of employees?

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Workplace bullying and harassment are emerging issues to be addressed by employers. Add the potentially larger problem of increased stress, decreased morale and diminished productivity of those employees who remain after layoffs, who are expected to carry the same load with less people, less experiential knowledge and less resources

Time for a proactive dialogue on the health of the workplace

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Representing both sides has helped me counsel clients better as I understand the perspectives of both sides, along with the views of the other “stakeholders” in workplace issues – families, communities, subcontractors, lawmakers and the consumers of the business products and services involved in the dispute.