We are moving to be a part of The Collaborative Outpost

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We want to share some exciting news.  Our firm, Dispute Resolution Counsel, LLC, has moved to a new location at 9 Main Street, Southborough, MA.  We are joining other forward-thinking law firms in a new project in which these like-minded, client-driven firms will be under one roof and part of a new place called The Collaborative Outpost.  These firms at …

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The “we don’t need to do that now” reason you need a Primary Care Lawyer.

Michael Zeytoonian Preventive Law, Primary Care Law

We’ve been offering some stories about people, small businesses, and organizations who made some business and legal decisions before they had retained their PCL (primary care lawyer) to be part of their team of trusted advisors. Here are two common ones that I have heard several times: A young woman starting up a small business wants to formalize the business …


Do you have your primary care lawyer?

Michael Zeytoonian Preventive Law

Most people have a primary care physician.  But people and small businesses don’t often have a primary care lawyer.  This primary care lawyer that your closely held or family business or non-profit organization doesn’t have is probably the most important lawyer you need. I often analogize between how we approach legal disputes and how we make medical decisions.  A vital …