Massachusetts Bar Association’s Conflict Resolution Week & Day Celebration October 16-20

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An annual national tradition in the legal community is the celebration of “Conflict Resolution Week” (CRW) and “Conflict Resolution Day” (CRD) on the third week and the third Thursday of October respectively.  This tradition reportedly started here in New England by the New England Association for Conflict Resolution (NE-ACR).  It is a week and a day to shine a spotlight …

We are moving to be a part of The Collaborative Outpost

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We want to share some exciting news.  Our firm, Dispute Resolution Counsel, LLC, has moved to a new location at 9 Main Street, Southborough, MA.  We are joining other forward-thinking law firms in a new project in which these like-minded, client-driven firms will be under one roof and part of a new place called The Collaborative Outpost.  These firms at …

Situational Dispute Resolution is focus of Armenian Business Network Presentation

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What do Bill Belichick’s coaching approach, grapevines and dispute resolution have in common?  They were all tied together in a creative and engaging way by employment lawyer and mediator Michael Zeytoonian, in his September 13 presentation to the Armenian Business Network (ABN).  Zeytoonian was the guest speaker for the organization’s program and meeting at Abbey Lane restaurant in Boston, and …

What is your goal? Winning or fixing?

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What do you want? It’s a pretty simple question, really.  It reminds me of what Noah (Ryan Gosling) repeatedly asked Allie (Rachel McAdams), his love interest in The Notebook.  She kept hemming and hawing as to how difficult her situation was, having to choose between two good men, and that there was no easy answer.  But he stayed laser focused …

If You Want Your “Day in Court”, Don’t Go to Court

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“I want my day in court.” This is one of the most frequent desires and sentiments expressed by a new client in our initial conversation about their legal dispute.   Here are some other common emotional responses when someone finds themselves in a dispute: “I want justice to be done.”  “The other side has to pay for what he/she/it did to …

The Case for Early Mediation; Part II of II

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In our last blog post, the first in this two-part post about the case for early mediation, we discussed traditional, post-discovery mediation and its role as essentially an alternative to trial.  In this post, we look at the kind of mediation we are proponents of – early mediation (we call ours “3-D Mediation”) – used either as an alternative to …

Replacing the Affordable Care Act; How to NOT Resolve Disputes

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President Trump and his team gave us a quick course on how not to resolve a dispute in their efforts to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA, a.k.a. Obamacare).  Their effort and its shortcomings help to show the importance of four key ingredients to approaching dispute resolution to get a good result. Most Americans agree that the ACA has shortcomings …

So what does identity theft have to do with dispute resolution?

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So what about identity theft? Why are we writing about it in a blog about alternative ways of resolving disputes? ..When it comes to resolving disputes, most people are also the victims of this same kind of identity theft. The choice of what to do about the dispute we are in is often being made by the mind of our litigious culture.

Time for a proactive dialogue on the health of the workplace

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Representing both sides has helped me counsel clients better as I understand the perspectives of both sides, along with the views of the other “stakeholders” in workplace issues – families, communities, subcontractors, lawmakers and the consumers of the business products and services involved in the dispute.